Drawers installed, top mounted

Still have the face boards for the drawers and the cabinet doors to do.

But, I’m pretty happy with the

progress I made today. I will definitely pay for it tomorrow though, lol. You know you pushed yourself when you hurt/ache right away v. waiting to find out the next day!


Squeezed in a good day doing cabinetry

I had a good 6 hour block of uninterrupted time (translation: Sasha and Shelley either sleeping or basking in the sun) yesterday and got 90% of the setup work done for the drawers.

Included in this push was cutting the drawer sides on the tablesaw, which makes the cuts much more precise. Normally I avoid plopping a sheet of plywood on my tablesaw because it’s so unwieldy, but with the right arrangement it can be done.

I will try to get the last 10% of the framing for the drawers done today or tomorrow, so I can hit it on the drawers themselves before Greg comes next weekend. He has asked me to make something with him.

Can’t wait to do the upper cabinets. I ordered some birch edging for the birch plywood I will use so they look nicer. The upper cabinets will take a longer time but will be so worth it.

Here are a few images of where I am so far on the second set of lower cabinets.

Start of Phase 2 of the cabinet project

I have a light weekend this week so I’m squeezing in the side wall cabinets as much as possible. This will be 15′ long section that will allow for quite a bit of storage space.

I may get the frame of the cabinet done today but probably not. When that is done I will put in the support structure for drawers then put the fascia pine on the outside. My guess is I will only get to that point this weekend with a little bit of luck and sustained energy.

Phase 3 is the upper cabinets, probably not something I can start until at least June.

Done for now

Finished the back lower cabinet. I have a little bit of trim work to do, and want to stain it at some point.

I’m moving on to do the side wall cabinets, about 14′ feet of them. After that base I can take my time on the upper cabinets for both locations.

One more push and it’s done

Coming close to the end of the lower cabinets in the back of the garage/shop. I finished up the drawers today, doing three of them. Of course, none of the drawers had the same dimensions, but I got the hang of it by the last drawer (of course, lol).

I will likely finish up the false fronts for the drawers, put on the top and make cabinet doors tomorrow.

Plywood is getting very expensive, relatively speaking, to the point laminated pine for the top is only slightly more expensive than plywood…so I will go with the pine.

If I finish tomorrow I won’t work on the top cabinets, but switch to starting over on the bottom cabinet for the side wall in the shop. That will let me store stuff faster, to get rid of the clutter (which is very annoying).