Deck/covered porch progress 

It’s taking a while but the quality is very good. Can’t wait to have it completed! 


Doing homework in hopes of a follow-up interview 

Our covered front porch is one of those oases we all try to create for ourselves. I don’t care what it is I am handling, but I seem to enjoy it more if I do it at one of my quiet zones. 

Sasha loves the front porch too as it gives her pretty good line of sight to any potential visitors. 

(having a microbeer while doing this is a total bonus 😉 

Sasha is here!!


A whopping 13 puppies in the litter!!

10 girls and 3 boys. Several female Blue Merles so it’s a matter of us chosing since we have first pick. You can see more information on the High Desert Aussies Facebook page.

Her steps to the bed and her water /food dish should be done this weekend.

Can’t wait to meet her! Mark your calendars that her birthday is the 24th of October!