Sasha says it’s time for a fire pit evening 


Doing homework in hopes of a follow-up interview 

Our covered front porch is one of those oases we all try to create for ourselves. I don’t care what it is I am handling, but I seem to enjoy it more if I do it at one of my quiet zones. 

Sasha loves the front porch too as it gives her pretty good line of sight to any potential visitors. 

(having a microbeer while doing this is a total bonus 😉 

Project is done

It’s always nice to complete a project, especially one that is needed right away to help us out.

I had a little bit of a hard time with the nailing piece because of my hand joint issues, but thankfully it is a small roof.

Sasha decided to help me too, which is always fun 😉

Now I need to switch gears and finish splitting and sticking wood for the next year’s usage.