Garage cabinets for the back wall

Got a good push today for my back wall lower cabinets. Pretty frustrating to have to absorb the uneven concrete, and non-plumb back wall. I can make mistakes all on my own without any help, thank you very much šŸ˜‰


Making progress on the BBQ prep islandĀ 

It’s starting to come together. The sides and back are tongue and groove pine slats. The base frame hidden behind the slats is 1/2 plywood. The theory being the whole thing will be lighter than the first one I made…so far it’s on par to be just as heavy. 

The rails and stiles are cheap 1x pine. It’s hard to tell, but the center area is intended to be open to the air, with adjustable shelves. This will let me get to my induction burner, and the margarita machine easily. The side spaces will have cupboard doors, and a drawer above them. 

I will have to stop at this point to prepare for our new deck installation in about 10 days. But a decent chunk of the work is done. 

Doggie steps to get in and out of bed–unfinished

The litter we have first choice of a female Blue Merle Aussie is supposed to be born in Mid-late October. If it works out, Sasha will be a part of that group of puppies. (if there is no female Blue Merle we shifted whch litter we want to Springtime due to schedule conflicts for Shelley and I).

So, it’s time to finish up any last minute major prep for her arrival. One thing we’ve gotten used to is having our dogs get on the bed with us. But its always tough when they get older to watch them. They get up okay (most times) but getting down they whine when they know their legs aren’t sturdy enough to handle the landing of their full weight.

We will train Sasha from a young age to use steps to get up on the bed. The assembled steps are below. I still need to paint and put carpet on them.