Start of a new project 

Working on a BBQ prep island for the Roseburg house. Had to create the butcher block top myself (v. the one I could purchase from Home Depot for my previous prep stand for LA Pine)

Going to look great for our new back deck, then covered area (all costing some samoleas)


Seaside, volleyball, awesome weather  

Watching volleyball at the largest sand tournament in the world. Shelley goes every year and I was finally able to join her. She sometimes says the weather sucks…obviously not true this year. 

The people are very nice and friendly. Having fun. 

Making spring rolls, repurposing leftovers 

Had a fun time getting rid of old rice paper, smoked pork, chicken breast strips, rice and most of the veggies in our fridge. 

The rolls are a nice change from deep fried egg rolls. If done correctly I like the flavor better. 

A couple of secret ingredients make them tasty. Fish sauce and cilantro. The fish sauce can overpower the other ingredients but in the right amount it brings the flavors together (but stinks up the house like a marina that has fishing boats in use!). The cilantro provides a fresh aspect to the roll and I can’t fathom spring rolls now without cilantro being included.